Chianciano Art Awards 2019

Win $$$ with your art. Paint in Chianciano between June and September 2019 and be in with a chance of winning the grand prizes for the best artwork

If artists need several days to complete their painting, there is no time limit. However, to ensure the artwork is made in town, the canvas must be photographed and stamped on the back every day by our staff, during opening hours, until it is officially handed in and submitted to the contest

Timing & Dates

  • Dates: 1st June - 29th September
  • Every artwork submitted between June 1st and September 29th 2019 is automatically entered into the Grand Prize and the Weekly Prize
  • Every Sunday, the winners of the weekly prizes will be announced
  • On Sunday the 29th September, the winners of the Grand Prizes will be announced

Weekly Prizes

  • 1st Prize: €250 prize (every week!!)

  • 2nd Prize: Chianciano Council Certificate of Merit

  • 3rd Prize: Chianciano Council Certificate of Merit

Grand Prizes

  • 1st Prize: $$$

  • 2nd Prize: Artist will be exhibited in the London Art Biennale

  • 3rd Prize: One week's stay at the **** Chianciano Arts Club Boutique Hotel

  • Runners up: Top 40 artists will be exhibited at the Chianciano Art Museum

Prizes amounts are net and paid by bank transfer anywhere in the world

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